Award winning Author, Startups curator and mentor, Coach, Entrepreneur , Career Manager, Hotel Business expert. Indraneel Majumdar has been a career manager in hotels and malls thereafter, presently the Business Head of India's largest Mall, Sarath City Capital Mall Hyderabad. He has won the Mall Professional if the year Award in FRO Awards in Bangalore in the year 2021 and he has won the Best Marketing and Design for his work with Wonder Funkey in the year 2008. He has co-concepted, co-developed and operated 17 hotels and banquet centres, 9 malls, 77 F&B brands for other business houses. He is actively nurturing startups, passion efforts of entrepreneurs and some creative houses. Among them, Saahib (a restaurant startup in Bangalore) and Sarkar's Kitchen (a restaurant startup in Hyderabad) have gone some distance. He is the co-founder of Writer's Collective that has published five books and also done many writers workshops. He has conducted literary meets and is a contributing writer to many blogs and magazines. He is an author with three fiction books in print. His book, The 7 am chronicles, has won him the Coimbatore Literary Award. He is presently looking to develop a wholesome creative shop for advertising, marketing, content of all kinds and new media in the coming months and years. Kiran, his spouse, is a photographer and Antara, his daughter, is completing her MBA from Jindal Business School in 2022.